Amongst Wildflowers

Lately it seems every time i open my eyes there is a new amazing opportunity to connect and be involved. There’s always a new event to help you develop, tune in, and deepen a variety of practices. And it is AMAZING. I love the community that is flourishing in West Michigan. I love the wellness professionals and healers that are not only recognizing their gifts but are owning them completely and really leaning in to the truth of what they have to offer, and how much the world needs it. It’s like a beautiful rich field of wildflowers coming to life, and inviting others to bloom too.

The danger of this beauty, this overwhelming sea of talent, giftedness, and giving is the propensity to feeling lost. For myself as a wellness practitioner, and as the owner of a yoga/wellness establishment it can lead to a sense of confusion, doubt, and smallness.

Often when i come up with a new offering to the community before i’ve had time to fully formulate it and get the plans in writing i open up social media to see the near exact thing being presented by someone else. And my gut reaction is “Well, why even bother?”

And i don’t like feeling that way. But the good thing about all of these wildflowers, and what in the economic sense would be labeled as “competition,” is that it does what any sense of competition does. It helps, even forces, you to become better. So now if i have an idea and i see someone else doing it i ask myself critical questions. What is my motivation for doing this? Am i trying to keep the studio busy? Or is this a genuine offering that i think the community could benefit from? Is this something that we are best suited to be providing? And then it of course brings into focus the bigger questions of what is our mission, what do we stand for?

I’ve spent some time considering this question this past week and i can tell you this. At The Hive we believe in a lot. We believe in moving your body to feel good. We believe in many healing arts and modalities, and we believe in helping you find the one that works for you and helping you learn to heal yourself. Above all though, we believe in community. We strive to be a place of support and inclusion. A place that feels like home. Where you can lay down your worries and find relief with any of our services, workshops, instructors, practitioners, or community members. We’re hoping to be more of a landing spot than a one time experience. We want to get to you know you more than just a name on a roster. We want you to know and feel that you are loved as you are, encouraged and supported in the hard work of being and becoming the best version of yourself, whatever that means to you.

We also believe in accessibility. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, vibrational healing, breathwork, energy - all of this can be really intimidating. And while i see such an impetus toward these less traditional modalities (in the modern western sense), i also see a lot of hesitation. Because What do i wear? What do i have to bring? I don’t have a yoga mat,. What exactly is it, what do i have to do? What should i expect? In an age where information on nearly everything is at our fingertips, truly new experiences feel especially foreign. And scary. And let’s face it, they can be expensive too. In a market where it can be hard to earn more that you live on spending disposable income on these uncertain things can feel worrisome at best and foolish at worst. We believe that neither knowledge, experience, nor finances (or perceived lack in any of these) should keep anyone from experience growth and healing in its myriad forms. We aim to offer classes and services that are affordable, and that can be understood by people at any level of experience. We welcome your questions, your inexperience, and also your unique knowledge. While we love novices, we also welcome the rich wisdom that comes from practiced participants in all services.

There is room for all of us to bloom. Every flower needs something different, some more light, some richer soil, some even desert. We hope to provide a nourishing space to those that seek our brand of encouragement, and to grow a community where each individual feels supported and connected. We are honored to be a part of the swiftly growing contingent of healers, teachers, and wellness providers, supporters, and practitioners in our hometown and beyond. It is truly beautiful and humbling to be a part of such an heartfelt movement toward wholeness. It is also a pleasure and an honor to be a part of these spaces as a student, as a client, as someone with something to learn and something that needs healing. I'm grateful to not always have to be the teacher but to also have the opportunity to be quiet, to observe. It’s a joy to find welcome in the homes away from mine that are scattered across our map. To those that offer healing and connection to others, and those that are seeking these things themselves, and even those that might not know they yearn for it - namaste.

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