Six months ago we opened The Hive – a yoga studio on the Westside of Grand Rapids, hoping to create a space that would make yoga accessible to people in that area and beyond.

Today, it has evolved to more than a yoga studio. It is a growing community, with new faces and hearts joining every week.

In addition to yoga, we have hosted breathwork, massage, birthday parties, kid’s yoga, meditation, craft workshops, mindfulness activities, grief workshops, women’s circles, tarot trades, donation classes, and more. We have become a community that is dedicated to helping people dream, manifest, and live the life they envision – as well as cope when that life takes an unexpected turn.

This is all in the first six months. I cannot wait to see what we have created when we hit our first anniversary!

But all of this is because of the dedication of our team – our co-owner and studio manager, Erin Nowak; our teachers, and our community members, who took a chance on our tiny little corner of Alpine.

In the 10-plus years I’ve taught yoga, I’ve experienced many life changes, and changes to my practice and teaching style. I am excited to continue to bring that growth and experience to The Hive. In the coming months, you will see exciting offerings. From group classes and activities that promote overall wellness, to reiki and massage, including my newest offering of Personal Intention Massage – helping you to find your own sacred healing space while receiving bodywork.

Beyond the asana, for me yoga has always been about connection and community. Connecting with one another, and with ourselves. At The Hive, we not only bring asana to the community, but we are creating community through asana. Bringing people together to create movement and breath together, while building something even bigger – a place of supporting dreams and goals in all areas of life.

We believe in dreaming big, and acting on those dreams. It’s what got us here and what keeps us going.

We want you to be a part of that, and we want to support you through that.

Come see us at The Hive, share your practice, share your breath, and share your dreams! We hope you will BEE a part of our community this spring!


Elizabeth Sanders Hive Co-owner

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