Upon Re-opening: Intention & Direction

Well, how was everyone’s summer? We hope that it was restorative, and that you got plenty of time in the sun, with hands or feet in the dirt and that you and yours were able to stay healthy. We hope you used this pause not to necessarily be productive, but maybe to be thoughtful. Now it’s the time we’ve been waiting for, and we have been doing a lot of thinking.

We are excited to start in-studio classes again, and even though things look different we feel that it’s the best way to sustainably meet our goals, which is to make yoga and other modes of healing approachable and affordable, as well as build a strong, loving, inclusive community.

If you haven’t familiarized yourself with our new systems, here’s the long and short of it. All classes will be by appointment only, private or semi-private. All classes will be reserved by a single student, with the option to share the opportunity (and cost) with others at their discretion.

A departure from our open armed drop in always policy. So let us take a minute to explain the apparent 180 and our vision for the private, single payer classes.

To be frank, the model we were running on was only barely sustainable. Some classes were less full and lost money, some were more full and made up for that, our teachers gracefully danced between the two and provided the best classes they could no matter who or how many were there. With a complete halt of our business (of which we are completely understanding and supportive for the safety of all) we have lost all momentum, and with the current restrictions (of which we are completely understanding and supportive for the safety of all) we do not have the capacity or ability to hold larger classes and no way of balancing out the classes with fewer people. So we will be moving forward, but we are doing it with a more careful intention.

We still believe in yoga for all, and the new model actually makes it easier for students to get a class that works for them rather than dropping in for whatever is there. We’ve always wanted our students to feel as comfortable as possible and find yoga in an environment where they can connect to the instructor, and classmates. This new system makes this even more true as the classes are created specifically for you, and you choose who you share them with. They will be created with individual intention.

Intention is what we ask of you moving forward too. We understand a busy life, and the convenience a drop in yoga class can provide for a lifestyle where we’re running from place to place and might just maybe if we try (and speed just a little) squeeze in a yoga class. And while squeezing in yoga is great, what’s even better is making a commitment to it. We’re asking you to make a commitment to yourself, to your practice. To carve time out in advance for yourself, to intentionally put space in your schedule.

We have tried to think of all the ways to make this work for as many students as possible. An individual can pair with several friends or community members and determine the class, style, and teacher that they prefer. Payment is made up front to ensure the class takes place, and the responsible student is able to invite any friends they want to their class. For example, if you know that you have three co-workers who want to do the class with you, they can pay you upfront and you will only pay ¼ of the class. If you are not sure who will be able to attend with you, you can pay the class fee upfront and then have different friends attend with you each time. If no one else is available to join with you, then you have a private class and can talk with the teacher about your individual needs.

For those who do not have friends and family interested in yoga, we will have an opportunity each month to connect with other students on our Facebook page and join together for a class. In this case you will each pay the studio directly for your session, but you may not be able to determine who is in a class with you.

As we get used to this system, we would love to hear how it is working for you. It is our goal to continue to serve you in the most comfortable and safest way possible, while ensuring that the studio is able to remain sustainable and keep our doors open after this unexpected year.

In the past few months of slowing down a lesson we’ve seen going around is simplifying. Letting go of some running and noticing what is truly essential to our beings. We hope that yoga, meditation, and wellness continue to be that for you. We hope that you are able to find the services you need at The Hive. We thank you for your support and understanding and cannot wait to see what opportunities for deep growth and connection this brings to our community.

  • erin and Elizabeth

(if you have previous packages or classes with us, we will be contacting you individually soon to discuss how these can best be honored)

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