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A reflection from Elizabeth on what yoga means to her, moving into her 37th year:

At first it was just the poses, just moving my body in the shapes that I found in a book that my mom got me for my birthday the summer after my freshman year of college.

I had heard yoga was good for stress and I thought I was pretty damn cool in Triangle pose.

Later I started going to a studio once a week just after I got married in 2004, but did not start a serious practice until I moved to Wisconsin in 2007. It was yoga that brought me my first friends in that state and it was in that state that I became a certified yoga teacher and began to deepen my relationship with myself and those around me. It was not until we moved back to Michigan that I started teaching regularly, and became more serious about the way yoga impacts your life.

Yoga became a touch point for me and became a place where I found community in my own hometown. When I started my first studio in 2012, it was community that was at its heart. The people that I connected with at that studio have stayed in my life and have made a difference in so many ways.

After my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the practice of asana became difficult for me. I no longer wanted to be practicing in my physical body because it was too painful to be quiet to be silent and to feel what was happening in my life.

But the philosophy and the lessons of yoga were still in my mind and spirit. The patience, the gratitude, the softening and the acceptance of difficult things that I had learned from the practice stayed with me during those hard years when I cared for my husband and after his death.

Asana is still difficult for me but I am slowly rebuilding my practice, now in this new community. I am slowly rebuilding the strength, flexibility, and balance my body needs to do the things I love - massage, hiking, running, biking and just moving through life in the best way I can.

We have such an amazing group of new and familiar faces and all of us learning what your yoga can bring to our lives.

Having yoga in my life and bringing it to others has been one of the greatest gifts I've experienced. I hope that you will consider best as an invitation to come to the hive and see what yoga means to us, and learn what it means to you .

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