This dream come true has been a dream of mine longer than i even realized.  A lot of people have stories and sing songs about meeting the love of their life, and how all of the wrong turns and lessons learned have led them to that one person, their true love.  Well, you all, this place, is mine.

I have been slowly collecting experiences as long as i’ve been working.  Customer service, teaching, scheduling, leadership, sales, writing, human resources, payroll.  It’s seemed a random collecting of filling in places, and often it was. But i always felt that it was helping build an arsenal of skills for the ultimate job.  And now i see it in front of me. It might not seem a glamorous goal, managing a yoga studio. I get that. And to be honest I’ve rarely had a solid career goal in my mind, let alone heart.  My biggest career aspiration as a child was to work at the Lego Store in Mall of America. Since fifth grade i haven’t really been able to replace the passion i had for that idea. Until now. When we began to whisper this place into being, i was on the sidelines.  I was the (head) desk person. I was a part of it but we (i) didn’t quite know how.

A few months ago the whispers became questions, should we do this?  Then declarations. This is happening. Then my heart stirred when i considered my role.  The more i thought, the more it stirred until it shook and shouted and burst into flames.  i came into our first meeting as possible partners guns blazing, declaring “I want this.” Not out of pride or ego, though i had to think through those possibilities.  I want this because i can. Because i know how, and because i’ve always had that voice in the back of my head *cough* mom *cough* telling me i have soooooooo much potential.  And i’ve not struggled with that voice, i didn’t feel threatened or condemned by it, more confused. I do my work with integrity - so how is that not my potential? Now i know.  This is (the beginning) of my full potential.

This.  You. Us.  By “this” i don’t just mean a yoga studio.  I don’t just mean to unroll your mat and practice.  I mean community. I mean gathering. I mean cultivating a space and a culture of community, vulnerability, gratitude, and connection.  I want everyone to feel welcome here. I want everyone to come here. I want us to find out here that we’re more the same than we are different.  That we all hurt and we all need and we all are built of strength and beauty and endless possibilities.

I’m honored to be here to serve you.  I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I hope that this space feels to you like a warm hug, a welcome home. I’ll do my best to make it so.

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