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More than just yoga, we offer services to enhance your mind, body and spirit

Personal Intention Massage

Join Elizabeth for this massage modality meant to foster a healing, personalized environment, enabling you to reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit using intention, and tapping into your intuition.

This unique massage experience is meant to address your physical, emotional and spiritual needs to help through difficult times and create a sense of wellness and balance in your life. Each session will be treated as a sacred healing space for the participant with the therapist’s utmost respect for healing. Massage and body work will include techniques learned through medical, relaxation, and Thai massage and are practiced by a licensed massage therapist.

Upgrade and personalize your session by adding a rune reading prior to your session and/or yoga practice with demo developed for your needs and goals. Additional half-hours of bodywork can also be added to your experience.


  • $80 per session

  • $30 per upgrade

Regular sessions expected to last 75 to 90 minutes, with at least 55 minutes of hands-on bodywork.

Upgrades expected to add 20 to 30 minutes to session per upgrade. 

You will be sent a questionnaire prior to your session to assist with your experience.

We are excited to share this unique experience and offering with you!

Available Mondays between 8:30 and 4:30

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Give your body and mind a moment with massage. Allow yourself space to relax during a 55-minute, 85-minute or 2-hour massage. Massages are done with proper draping on a massage table and incorporate a variety of techniques from medical massage to deep tissue according to your needs. Massages can include essential oils based on your preferences and needs.


Available Mondays between 8:30 and 4:30

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Thai Massage

 Thai Massage is a mix of physical and energetic bodywork that helps you connect with your body through assisted gentle yoga with acupressure.

Working with the Sen Lines (similar to the Chinese Meridians or Indian Nadis) of the body, Thai Massage focuses on balancing energy to help decrease stress and impact overall wellness.

Thai Massage is done fully clothed without shoes on a specialized floor mat. Please wear long-sleeved, comfortable, loose clothing without hoods or zippers and be prepared to move around freely. Lounge attire, yoga clothing or active wear is suggested. Jeans, shorts, and khakis are not recommended.

Sessions can last up to 2 hours and include both consultation and bodywork. Bodywork can be expected to range from 60 to 90 minutes of the session.

Thai Massage session - $120 

Available Mondays between 8:30 and 4:30

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Reiki is a Japanese technique to reduce stress and promote healing within the mind, body and
spirit. Channeled energy from the practitioner to the recipient is transferred through the
practitioner’s hands, placed on or above various areas of the body. Reiki energy is guided
through your charkas, or energy centers, during this practice and will flow to the areas of
greatest need. You may experience warming or cooling sensations, tingling, pulsations,
vibrations, or you simply may not notice anything. Fortunately, Reiki is still flowing through you
even if you don’t feel it.
A Reiki session is received lying down, fully clothed, and may be accompanied by crystal
therapy, aromatherapy and soothing sound to offer a serene atmosphere and amplify the
benefits of your experience.
Whatever life has taken you through, wherever life has found you, here you are. Here, you are
meant to be. Each and every moment is an opportunity to dive into the nature of your journey
once again – without judgment, without expectation, without attachment.

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Card Readings and Intuitive Coaching w/erin

I am  a multi-faceted, intuitive, life coach. I identify as an empath, which allows me to align myself to see and feel another’s energy, as well as an Indigo/light worker which helps me tap into the greater God/good to receive guidance. My biggest goal is to be cheerleader and guide toward whatever you desire in whatever way speaks to you, whether it be gentle guidance or tough love, a doula to help you birth your dream life. erin offers intuitive card readings, goal setting & strategy sessions, and manifesting workshops.

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